1st Transatlantic Conference

Putting Students at the Center

Within the framework of the cooperation between Miami University of Ohio, the European Council of Student Affairs (ECStA) and the Sar-Lor-Lux-Charta, the University of Luxembourg is holding an international conference in Luxembourg on 21st and 22nd May 2008.

The aim of the conference is to focus on the dialogue between EU and US in analyzing and illustrating similarities and differences of student services, in order to increase the attractiveness of the Higher Education institutions on both sides of the Atlantic and to explore new cooperation issues.

Official picture reception with Mayor Paul Helminger
Gala Dinner Neumünster Abbey

With the continuing development of the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Process), the US is starting to observe the „New Europe“ from another point of view. Reciprocally, Europe has much to learn from the American education/student service model. In this respect, the heart of the conference will be small working groups of half European and half US student affairs professionals, focusing on particular topics, presenting and discussing a number of benchmarks and good practices in student services and sharing expertise and questions on how to work with students in these areas.