Interdisciplinary keynote speeches, plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, lectures, debates, workshops, creative ateliers, social encounters including a cultural and leisure programme will provide the venue spaces to share and discuss possibilities and strategies for translating notions of languages and cultures, cultural diplomacy and peace into action.The facilitators will guide the conference participants to engage in lively discussion of ideas and issues emerging from the TAD.

Preliminary programme

Hour Event
6:30pm Cocktail & Gala Dinner – on invitation hosted by the Miami University European Dolibois Center (MUDEC) at the Château in Differdange 

Languages & Cultures

How are languages and cultures enablers of and barriers to communication within and across cultures?
Hour Event
8:00am Registration
9:00am Official Opening
9:30am Plenary Keynote session: ‘Witnessing Trauma: A Call to Reparative Humanism’
10:45am Parallel Sessions I
12:00pm Parallel Sessions II
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Parallel Sessions / Creative Ateliers III
3:15pm Parallel Sessions / Roundtable Discussions IV
4:30pm TAD’ Talk’show’ I
5:00pm Social programme
8:00pm TAD '20 Opening Concert


Preliminary Programme Monday, May 25th 2020

Cultural Diplomacy

In what ways can we serve today as cultural diplomats within our personal and professional lives?
Hour Event
8:00am Well-being / Meditation / Yoga
9:00am Plenary Keynote Session: ‘Sustainable Leadership – the Power of Shared Purpose’
10:45am Parallel Panel Sessions V
12:00pm Parallel Sessions VI
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Parallel Sessions / Creative Ateliers VII
3:15pm Parallel Sessions / Roundtable Discussions VIII
4:30pm TAD’ Talk’show’ II
7:30pm BrilliAnt – Open Air – Festival on Brill Square / Esch-sur-Alzette



Preliminary programme Tuesday, May 26th 2020


Luxembourg Peace Prize – In what ways can we promote inner peace and peace within, between, and among communities?
Hour Event
8:00am Well-being / Meditation / Yoga
8:00am Registration LPP
9:00am World Peace Flags Mandala & Opening
10:00am Keynote Session: 'The State of Peace in 2020 – Vision of Humanity'
10:30am Music for Peace 'In the twilight of Antagonism'
10:50am Luxembourg Peace Prize Award Ceremony / Part I
12:10pm Lunch
12:45pm Inauguration Peace Chair Sculpture by Duvan
1:30pm TAD / LPP Talk’show’ III
2:00pm Luxembourg Peace Prize Award Ceremony / Part II
3:00pm TAD / LPP Closing remarks
5:30pm Reception 'Creating Linkages USA – Luxembourg – on invitation
7:00pm Cultural Closing Dinner / Dress code: Business Casual / Cocktail / National Dress at Neumünster Abbey Luxembourg



Preliminary programme Wednesday, May 27th 2020

Discovery ‘Tour du Luxembourg’

Visiting by bus some of Luxembourg’s loveliest spots

Coordinated by Elisabeth Wingerter, TAD Student Assistant, Aurélia Lafontaine (PhD History), Joël Baschera, Gilles Lanners & Jordan Ricker (BA/MA History)

Hour Event
9:00am Participant Pick Up
9:30am Start of the Bus Drive to Luxembourg
10:00am Arrival at Gëlle Fra Parking
10:15am Wine of Honor at Luxembourg Town Hall
10:45am Start of the City Walking Tour
1:00pm Departure from Luxembourg; Route via Mullerthal landscape
2:00pm Arrival to Echternach and Start of the town visit
3:00pm Wine of Honor Trifolion or Orangerie / Group Photo at the 'Dënzelt'
3:30pm Departure from Echternach
4:20pm Arrival in Schengen
4:30pm Visit of the European Museum
5:00pm Wine of Honor and welcoming words by the director of C.E. Schengen
6:15pm Departure from Schengen
7:00pm Arrival in Esch / End of the tour



TAD Lux Discovery Tour Preliminary Programm_FULL