Interdisciplinary keynote speeches, plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, lectures, debates, workshops, creative ateliers, social encounters including a cultural and leisure programme will provide the venue spaces to share and discuss possibilities and strategies for translating notions of languages and cultures, cultural diplomacy and peace into action.The facilitators will guide the conference participants to engage in lively discussion of ideas and issues emerging from the TAD.

Preliminary programme

Additional projects

Sunday, May 24th Invitation-only dinner at MUDEC


Monday, May 25th

Monday, May 25th Opening Concert

Monday, May 25th Project Jacques Schneider by Kritzelfabrik


Tuesday, May 26th OpenAir Concert & Barbecue in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Tuesday, May 26th movingLAB General Assembly

Tuesday, May 26th UNICA Core team meeting ‘University, Culture and the City t.b.c.

Tuesday, May 26th GraFiTi General Assembly


Wednesday, May 27th Luxembourg Peace Prize ’20 Ceremony

Wednesday, May 27th

World Premiere  ‘In the Twilight of Antagonism’

for Henschel String Quartet & Enjott Schneider, Composer

Colors of Antagonism / „Peace“- the way of reconciliation – the Path to Reconciliation / Song for a World beyond Future


The journey of this string quartet in three parts begins with the mysterious twilight of antagonistic, ambiguous misunderstandings. It leads to the metaphor of peace, perhaps the most ideal state of human togetherness. In the last part a utopia is celebrated [The last part – a celebration of Utopia]: the hope that beyond a still imaginable future there will be a life full of happiness and positive basic feelings for everyone. The harmony of four string instruments playing in unison may be a symbol of this longed-for world.


Thursday, May 28th One-day ‘Tour du Luxembourg’


Languages & Cultures

How are languages and cultures enablers of and barriers to communication within and across cultures?
Hour Event
8:00am Registration
9:00am Official Opening
9:30am Plenary Keynote session
10:45am Parallel Panel Sessions 1
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm Parallel Creative Ateliers 1
3:15pm Roundtable Discussions 1
4:30pm TAD’ Talk’show’ 1
5:00pm Social programme
8:00pm Cultural programme

Cultural Diplomacy

In what ways can we promote inner peace and peace within, between, and among communities?
Hour Event
8:00am Well-being
9:00am Plenary round table
10:45am Parallel Panel Sessions 2
12:15pm Lunch
1:30pm Parallel Creative Ateliers 2
3:30pm Roundtable Discussions 2
4:30pm TAD’ Talk’show’ 2
5:00pm OpenAir Festival



Luxembourg Peace Prize – In what ways can we promote inner peace and peace within, between, and among communities?
Hour Event
8:00am Well-being
9:00am World Peace Flags Mandala
9:15am Plenary session
10:00am The Global Peace Index 2020 – Vision of Humanity
10:30am Luxembourg Peace Prize Ceremony
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Inauguration Peace Chair by Duvan
2:00pm Roundtable Discussions 2
2:00pm TAD’ Talk’show’ 3
3:00pm Closing remarks
6:30pm Cultural Closing Dinner
Discovery ‘Tour du Luxembourg’
Hour Event
9:00am Visiting by bus some of Luxembourg's loveliest spots.